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What level, if any, of responsibility does a CM assume if the contractors on the jobsite use our layout plans to do more than just put the walls together? Specifically on the job in question, the panel layout was used to place plumbing for a kitchen island. Unfortunately, the layout had the pony wall for that island out of place by 11”. As a result, there is additional work needed to relocate the plumbing.

Can’t make it to Washington, DC for SBCA’s Fly-in this June? Consider hosting a plant tour instead!

SBCA will be voicing the industry’s concerns on Capitol Hill.

How assessment tests can help you hire a good fit.


Imagine purchasing a new piece of equipment and then finding out once it’s installed you can’t make it work the way it was intended because it doesn’t understand what your software is telling it.

Communicating cost increases with our customers

“We need to take every opportunity to sell more trusses!” That was the sentiment of many of the component manufacturers (CMs) sitting around the table at the most recent SBCA Marketing Committee meeting in Tampa, Florida.

Thursday, October 25 • 1-4 pm

Introduce your students to the world of component manufacturing at BCMC 2018 in Milwaukee!

One CM’s decision to reach out to a local community college is a win-win for all involved.