Business Logistics

Last year during SBCA’s Open Quarterly Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, I took the train down to Washington, DC and met with staff members of my U.S. Representative, Bill Flores. After a productive meeting on Capitol Hill, I made sure to leave an invitation behind for the Congressman to tour our production facility in Lott, Texas.

In June, SBCA members traveled to Washington, DC to meet with their members of Congress to discuss immigration and trade policy.

How a better understanding of human needs can improve employee retention.

Framers and CMs can make for a powerful partnership, but it takes work.

If you use email, you want to prevent spoofing.

Testing is underway to determine the effects of weather exposure and time on trusses.

The housing industry is clearly firing on all cylinders, even as labor constraints and building material prices are repeatedly brought up as headwinds for the housing market.

Best Practices for Going Remote

Considering hiring a remote designer for your company? Two industry professionals weigh in on effective strategies for developing and managing a remote position, the challenges and benefits that come with it, and best practices for streamlining the process. Whether this is a step you’ve been considering for some time or is a new idea for your hiring playbook, this webinar will get you headed in the right direction. Then the conversation will continue at BCMC as these presenters dive into the logistics and technology needed to effectively onboard and maintain a remote designer. 

When times are good and business is continually flowing in as it is right now, it’s easy to just keep the foot on the gas pedal and deal with what’s right in front of me. However, I make better decisions when I have the ability to look at the bigger picture. If I am only comparing myself to my past performance or my pre-determined expectations, I’m missing a huge opportunity.

CM builds relationships with students by giving back.