• Standard metal connector plates are suitable for use in lumber with moisture content of 19 percent or less and in building applications with no exposure to corrosive substances.
  • Connector plates used in trusses exposed to high humidity or caustic chemicals may need to be treated to prevent corrosion.
  • A variety of protective coatings can be applied to truss places in situations where special protection is necessary.
  • There is often confusion in the marketplace about what criteria must be met to accept a new product and approve it for use in the intended application.
  • The IBC and IRC require products not approved within the code to be “at least the equivalent of that prescribed in this code in quality, strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability and safety.”
  • Manufacturers of products that do not have span tables or design values listed inside the IRC and/or IBC must provide design values for their products through independent testing.
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