This presentation provides information on and requirements for truss repairs.

Knowledge is power when it comes to making decisions, so the more knowledge the better. SBCRI unequivocally gives us access to knowledge no one else has.
  • Understanding how the computer software automatically loads a truss can help designers avoid unintended consequences when optimizing trusses.
  • When fascia loads are missing from a project, there is incorrect loading on the jack trusses, sub girders and the corner girder/hip jack.
  • Missing loads can lead to extensive repairs and may even require that the trusses be revised. 
Beyond spotting their own errors and minimizing headaches and guesswork for your production line, truss designers also have the ability to make or break your company through the quality of their designs.
  • Two engineers involved in the design of structural building components respond to a previous Technical Q&A on bearing area.
  • Both give their perspective on bearing area and ways that component manufacturers and truss designers can help engineers with this issue.
  • Each engineer discusses his preferred method for dealing with insufficient bearing area.

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