A high-quality component is the result of many individuals’ expertise – including the person standing at the saw.

From increasing security to improving the quality of temporary workers, the cameras Woodhaven installed six years ago have provided a significant return on investment.

A single event can spark a continuous effort to make production more efficient. 

A complex roof with multiple arcing panels provided design challenges both before and during construction.

Taking a finished product from plant to jobsite should be easy, but there can be bumps in the road. Here are a few best practices from two CMs in Wisconsin.

This is the second time in a decade Trussway employees have saved a life on the job.

Drivers will soon need to log their time electronically. Is your delivery crew prepared?

OSHA announced a heightened focus on cuts and amputation hazards after having received more than 2,600 reports of amputations nationwide in 2015. One CM discusses the benefits of taking a proactive approach, starting with proper machine guarding.

Every component manufacturing facility creates wood waste. Yet, it seems no two manufacturers take the same approach to collecting, disposing of or reusing the scrap byproduct. SBC Magazine would love to know the method you’ve adopted and why it works so well for your facility. Send your approach to

Safety tips aren’t hard to find, but putting them into practice depends on strategic thinking about creating a safety culture.