Future Industry Testing

In looking to the future, the SBC Industry Testing Task Group has identified the following areas to consider for the development of test plans:


Repair Types & Methods

Specifically, what are the true capacities or effects of holes in truss members; scabs including nails, screws and nails or screws with glue; gussets (single and double shear) with nails (clinched and non-clinched), screws and nails or screws with glue.


Ply-to-Ply Girder Connections

Aim to answer the questions: What load transfer is there between plies?; Is there no, partial, or full composite action?; and, What are minimum nails, screws or bolts required?


Heel Blocking

Address the need for a method to transfer lateral load from the roof diaphragm to the shear wall.  Answer the questions: What is the capacity of heel blocks?; What is the capacity of partial height blocking?; and, When is blocking unnecessary?


Web Reinforcement Bracing

Perform testing to determine what the design capacity of permanent “T”, “L”, or “I” web bracing is and determine the minimum fastening requirements to achieve an acceptable capacity.


The priority and timing of future testing will be determined based on their value to the component manufacturing industry.