Employee Training

A different approach to training new hires.

In-Plant Safety

Investing in a standardized, comprehensive safety program minimizes the risks faced by both your employees and your company. SBCA’s customizable template materials, developed specifically for the component industry, can help you implement a consistent, measurable in-plant safety program through education, training and certification.

Prior to 2013, I would keep my head down and diligently work all the way through the month of October. It’s typically a very busy month for us in South Carolina. For the last five years, however, I have left the island that is my manufacturing facility and traveled to BCMC.

Investment in simple PPE can save a lot

Take few minutes to better understand the features of the new FrameSAFE Dashboard and all of the resources available to subscribers.

The educational sessions at BCMC have always been one of our favorite parts of the show. Where else can you go to gather so many new ideas, tips and best practices specific to our industry?

Everyone learns a little differently, so mix up your training. 

How someone interprets your email matters more than what you mean

Building stronger teams may be as simple as some popsicle sticks and a few hours of creative fun.