Market Education

Grab a sneak peek at the wealth of educational sessions being offered at BCMC 2011 in Indianapolis!

This year’s BCMC Build project will build not one but two single-family homes with help from partners Habitat for Humanity and Eli Lilly. Just one block apart, the two-story Taft home and the one-story Harrison home (see graphics at below) will be framed by BCMC Build volunteers within a two-day timeframe, showcasing the benefits of component construction.

Xoom. Galaxy. Slate. Iconia. iPad. Unless you’re a technology enthusiast, it’s likely you wouldn’t recognize the products these names refer to (except for perhaps the last one). They are all the latest and greatest tablet computers produced by the computing industry, and they offer a very simple, yet seductive advantage to the business community: mobility. For you, mobility translates into easier sales, quicker response times, more effective repairs, better marketing, streamlined manufacturing processes and, most importantly, more efficient communication and collaboration.

  • The biggest obstacle in selling panels has always been getting builders framers to recognize the value.
  • Different market segments require unique skill sets just like different products do.
  • Given the ultra-competitive market, strategic planning is critical for component manufacturers in 2011.