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Why quarterly insurance policy reviews are important.

SBC Magazine aims not only to serve as the voice of the structural framing and building envelope industry, it strives to be the main conduit for the information component manufacturers (CMs) find most valuable.

There were a lot of opportunities beyond the show floor and educational sessions to build relationships, have a bit of fun, and make some lasting memories.

Prior to 2013, I would keep my head down and diligently work all the way through the month of October. It’s typically a very busy month for us in South Carolina. For the last five years, however, I have left the island that is my manufacturing facility and traveled to BCMC.

Being a “one-hit wonder” in the music industry is not necessarily something to aspire to, but in the SBCA booth at BCMC this year, several CMs and suppliers strove to earn that very title. 

Shelter Systems Limited  •  Westminster, MD

2018 SBCA Hall of Fame Award

Each year, SBCA inducts an individual into its Hall of Fame who has contributed significantly to the advancement of both SBCA and the structural building components industry. This award recognizes their active participation in the growth and success of SBCA initiatives that serve the industry’s best interests.

It is reasonable for component manufacturers (CMs) to expect to get paid for the hard work they do and the quality structural components they produce.

Structural building components are not a commodity and should not be sold like one.