Market Education

“We need to take every opportunity to sell more trusses!” That was the sentiment of many of the component manufacturers (CMs) sitting around the table at the most recent SBCA Marketing Committee meeting in Tampa, Florida.

Lay-On Gables are an opportunity for component manufacturers.

Thirty-five students and nine instructors from Omaha’s Metropolitan Community College (MCC) visited BCMC this year and got a taste of the many opportunities the structural building components industry has to offer.

For decades, SBCA Jobsite Packages have helped component manufacturers (CMs) provide handling and installation guidance to their customers with every order. These pre-assembled packages of instruction documents, attached to truss deliveries in a zippered plastic bag, are now available in a digital format.

Ready access to expertise is the biggest value you get out of being a member of SBCA. You’re just a click, call or meeting away from a lot of knowledge on the majority of topics your business addresses on a daily basis.

Do all the builders, contractors, framers, fire officials, building inspectors and lawmakers in your market understand what makes your products so great? Do they know why using components is the best way to frame? If you’re answering “no” (which is very likely), it’s time for a tour.

When PDJ Components opened its doors for a plant tour, it was an education for everyone.

SBCA’s library of technical design and installation best practices has been expanded over the past year to help CMs navigate a wide array of code-related challenges in their markets.

Sometimes it’s hard to start a conversation. You know what you want to say, you think you know how the person you’re talking to will react, and yet finding the words to get the ball rolling and respond to the questions you know you’ll get is tough.

Do you have information on purlin grades and species to meet 50 psf top chord live load using 2x4s on edge 24 in. O.C. over trusses at 6 ft. O.C.?