Workforce Development

When you first bring a new hire into your plant, there‘s a lot going on that can easily distract someone unfamiliar with component manufacturing. It can be a challenge to keep a new person focused. That said, it’s critical they pay close attention to all of the potential safety hazards, from handling sharp-edged connector plates to learning how to properly swing a hammer.

Component manufacturers had a unique opportunity to invite a small group of students and their instructors to an afternoon on the BCMC show floor this year. 

“It’s easy to fire people,” says Carl Allison, component division manager for 84 Lumber, and even easier to write off someone leaving “because he didn’t fit in or it just didn’t work out.” Yet, in a challenging labor market, an industry where entry-level pay is low, and turnover is traditionally high, easy comes at what cost?

Choose the day that works best for your group: 

Wednesday, October 24 • 1-4 pm -or- Thursday, October 25 • 1-4 pm

Introduce your students to the world of component manufacturing at BCMC 2018 in Milwaukee!


At BCMC in Milwaukee last month, a group of component manufacturers (CMs) from across the country hosted the show’s first roundtable focused on employee incentive programs.

Student Day at BCMC is an opportunity to bring components to life for students.

How a better understanding of human needs can improve employee retention.

CM builds relationships with students by giving back.