Workforce Development

A hands-on approach introduces students to the opportunities available in component manufacturing.

Go back to your alma mater.

One CM’s creative recruiting leaves no stone unturned

As you hone your WFD tools, one CM shares a reminder: Don’t forget about the importance of developing meaningful relationships with the people right in front of you.

One CM attends STEM camp to plant the seeds for growing future component manufacturers.

Welcoming the future of the industry

KA Components’ internship program is a path to a good salary & a place in a unique industry

Since I started in this industry a year ago, I have realized there are three major issues that the construction industry is facing: lack of skilled labor, lack of time, and lack of money. Fortunately, components manufacturers (CMs) provide a solution to all three. 

A career in component manufacturing offers a “combination of tech and building something with your hands,” says Steve Szymanski of Drexel Truss Systems in Little Chute, Wisconsin.