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As our industry prepares to gather together in Columbus, Ohio, for BCMC 2019, we thought it would be insightful to look back over the past decade at some of component manufacturing’s crowning achievements.

The dramatic growth in participation has made our discussions livelier and more valuable and has allowed more component manufacturers (CMs) across the country to share their unique experiences and points of view.

This year's upcoming BCMC Show promises to be the biggest show our industry has hosted since the downturn, and a lot is being planned to bring significant value to every attendee.

Spotlight on Manufacturing Efficiency with 4Ward Design & Labor

More than 80 percent of manufacturers are concerned about meeting workforce demands over the next five years. As the gap between available skilled labor and the number of open jobs continues to grow, top component manufacturers are exploring proactive ways to streamline their processes, improve employee training and growth, and increase overall productivity.


A cybersecurity breach can happen to anyone, anywhere. It’s become an all too common occurrence. Computer hackers do not target only large, Fortune 500 companies. In fact, criminals have begun to target small businesses, specifically because they rarely have the resources to fully protect themselves.

Pricing is a delicate subject for anyone in the manufacturing business. It’s basically taboo for competitors to discuss and can lead to potential legal trouble.

We were blessed to come into the industry when there were no computers and be part of so many advancements and the amazing increase in quality and productivity.

CMs share their perspectives on giving tours to students

Do you ask the right questions to get the best productivity?