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This year, BCMC will celebrate its 35th show as it returns to Milwaukee, WI. We thought it would be a fitting time to take a brief look at how this annual industry tradition has evolved over the past 10 years. 
  • CMs engaged in NFC membership de-velopment efforts will find their work rewarded with better organized, safer, more effective and more reliable framing crews.
  • Framers engaged in NFC will learn component installation best practices from other framers, with the goal of creating more efficient, safe and profitable framing outcomes.
  • By actively growing awareness of and membership in NFC, CMs will expand their framing community connections and naturally expand market share and revenue growth. 
  • By conducting its own ASTM E119 floor assembly fire testing, SBCA has the data it needs to effectively fight the controversial IRC Section R501.3 code provision and help preserve CMs’ market share.
  • SBCA has drafted template best practice language CMs should consider using in their TDDs, customer contracts and submittal documents to counter the efforts of the lumber industry to shift liability onto end users.
  • Through Framing the American Dream and WorkForce Development efforts, SBCA is actively engaged in helping CMs successfully navigate today’s labor challenges and grow their businesses.
True House & Apex Technology find the right fit for trusses & HVAC


This fall, two houses will be built on adjacent lots in the community of Jackson, WI, a suburb just north of Milwaukee. While the neighborhood is unassuming, and the homes themselves are of average size (2,200 sq. ft.), their impact on the structural building component (SBC) industry will be significant.
  • Being purchased by their biggest customer allowed Plum Building Systems to forge an even more positive relationship with closer, more effective communication.
  • Building partnerships with other complementary organization can benefit everyone in the supply chain.
  • A collective commitment to service can produce a greater impact in the community when companies join forces.
Take an opportunity to share and learn.
  • Effective employee training on jobsite safety requires an approach that combines good information with consistent messages and continuous delivery.
  • The NFC’s Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan is being added to the already robust FrameSAFE program.
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Effective training is the best way employers can “help their employees help themselves” to work safely on the jobsite.
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Best practices for training and mentoring designers.