• Combining fiber reinforcement with finger jointed lumber could be a win for both the lumber and component industries. 
  • With in-line framing, CMs can remove studs and plate material, and spread the stud spacing out to 24", which, in some cases, allows for better insulation methods.
  • The key to new product development is generating sales revenue immediately by establishing design values and engineering reports that give assurance of the product’s equivalent code-compliant performance.
  • Based on the recommendations of the IRC, IBC and ASCE 7, truss or rafter uplift connections should be designed for applied wind loads using MWFRS analysis.
  • Individual truss and rafter members should be designed using C&C generated wind loads.
  • The SBCA Load Guide includes information about uplift connections for structural building components.
  • Two engineers involved in the design of structural building components respond to a previous Technical Q&A on bearing area.
  • Both give their perspective on bearing area and ways that component manufacturers and truss designers can help engineers with this issue.
  • Each engineer discusses his preferred method for dealing with insufficient bearing area.