“The more you can do for a framer to help them get the job done faster and make more money, the more they will want to work specifically with you,” says Sean Kelly, general manager of Automated Products in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

Quality control (QC) is often thought of as an effort to catch mistakes made by production. However, many times problems and solutions extend beyond just the manufacturing process. 

Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is simple, right? Totally.

There was quite a buzz on the BCMC show floor this year concerning production automation. 

Since I’ve become involved in SBCA, I have found one of the most valuable aspects to be all of the opportunities to learn from fellow component manufacturers and suppliers.

Investment in simple PPE can save a lot

Everyone learns a little differently, so mix up your training. 

Testing is underway to determine the effects of weather exposure and time on trusses.

Most of the conversations I’ve had with component manufacturers (CMs) about increasing production efficiency inevitably focus on one thing: bottlenecks.