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SBCA Strategic Plan

The SBCA Board and committees are working with SBCA staff to narrow our short-term priorities and establish tasks that need to be implemented to begin achieving these longer-term strategic goals through member-driven Strike Force teams. At the first SBCA Open Quarterly Meeting (OQM) of 2020 in Miami, Florida, we began the process of parsing out the tasks necessary to meet those strategic goals. We divided those in attendance into five “Strike Forces,” charged with identifying and articulating those initiatives and tasks.

To learn more about the Strike Force groups, visit SBCA's Strategic Plan web page and read the following articles:

In-Plant Quality Control & Third-Party Quality Assurance

SBCA Digital QC flyer

In the component manufacturing industry, in-plant quality control (QC) and third-party quality assurance (QA) are not the same thing. While they work well together to ensure a manufacturer has the best possible products leaving their manufacturing facility, it’s important to appreciate the ways in which QC and QA differ.

Learn more about QC and QA by visiting SBCA's QC web page and SBCRI's QA web page

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