This project overview graphic provides a quick visual representation of the labor, waste and material savings of using components, based on findings from the 2015 Framing the American Dream study.

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Framing with components is advantageous because less lumber is required in the construction process than with stick-framing. Get that message out to your networks in this concise social media campaign: Use Less Wood Product.


The Framing the American Dream study shows that it takes 25% less wood product to frame a structure using components.

Using Components uses 25% less wood product.

This time-lapse video provides a side-by-side comparison of two identical homes being framed. The only difference between them is the house on the left was stick-framed on site, while the house on the right was framed using floor trusses, wall panels and roof trusses.  The video provides clear proof that structural components are the better way to frame.