Changes In Roof Pitch


We are changing plans from a two story home to a one story home. The original roof pitch is 12/12 with three dormer windows, one large one in the center and a smaller one on either side. Can you tell us what pitch would be advisable under this new plan still using the dormers?


You need to consult with the building designer to determine what pitch would be advisable with your changed plans. Your pitch is dependent upon the dimensions of your roof and what type of roof profile you are trying to achieve.

SBCA is a trade association that represents truss manufacturers all over the country. As such, we don’t actually perform truss or building design and can’t give a definitive answer to your question, especially because our expertise is in the use of trusses and we're not sure whether your home will be conventionally framed or framed using components. Using trusses, you can design to almost any pitch you would like. We have seen truss pitches range anywhere from 0.25/12 to 24/12. Practically any type of roof layout you can imagine can be designed using trusses. Are you using attic trusses in your design? Attic trusses are built such that the opening in the center can be useful for storage or additional living space applications. If you are using this type of design, the rule of thumb is the steeper the slope, the larger the room.

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