Connections - Truss to Truss

Per ANSI/TPI 1, truss-to-truss connections are under the scope of work of the truss designer.  All other connections between a truss and another structural member (i.e. a wall or foundation) are the responsibility of the building designer. The following resources provide guidance to truss designers on the application of truss-to-truss connections and to building officials on what to look for during the building inspection process.

Top Resources

TPI 1-2014 Section (k) requires that truss-to-truss and field assembly requirements be listed on the Truss Design Drawing. This article explains the responsibilities of all parties (building designer, truss designer, and contractor) with respect to these requirements.

ANSI/TPI 1-2014 contains the design standards pertaining to metal plate connected wood trusses, including truss-to-truss connections. Section 7.5.4 covers truss-to-truss girder connections, and Section 7.5.5 covers ply-to-ply connections.

Best Practices

This summary sheet contains truss ply-to-ply connection best practices including installation best practices and fastener guidelines for nails, screws, and bolts used to connect plys.