Loading - Sprinkler Systems

Integrating sprinkler systems into the open webbed configuration of metal plate connected wood trusses can be easy when following best practices. Truss construction can be manipulated with adjustments to panel lengths and web configurations to accommodate most special requirements. However, the Truss Designer needs to account for the additional weight of the sprinkler system and water. Additionally, construction loads encountered during installation need to be accounted for. The resources below will assist the designer in knowing how and where to place these loads. 

Top Resources

This Truss Technology in Building publication assists in designing safe buildings economically, especially when sprinkler systems are required or desired in the design.

This Research Report and the accompanying educational presentation cover the information that a Building Designer needs to provide to the Truss Designer regarding sprinkler loads imposed on the truss system. 

This code-compliance report covers general industry standard requirements for sprinkler loading on metal plate connected wood trusses. Available as a sealed code-compliance report. 

Best Practices

This guide covers basic information that should be considered by the Building Designer and Truss Designer in designing the truss system for use with a sprinkler system. 

The SBCA Load Guide includes provisions for sprinkler loading.