2019 SBCA Emerging Leaders Scholarship

Designed for members of the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) who are young in the industry and have demonstrated potential leadership in both their individual companies and in the association, the SBCA Emerging Leaders Scholarship will be used to help qualified members defray the costs of attending one or more Open Quarterly Meetings in 2019 so they can experience the work of the Emerging Leaders Committee and the SBCA board in general.

Open Quarterly Meetings in 2019 will be held February 26-28 in San Diego, CA; June 4-6 in Fort Worth, TX; and August 6-8 in Savannah, GA. Get highlights from past meetings here.

Scholarship recipients who meet the requirements for participation may be invited to join SBCA’s Emerging Leaders Committee, which was created to give the next generation of leaders in the structural building components industry and SBCA an opportunity to meet one another, build lasting relationships, learn from others who will share their experiences and gain a greater depth of knowledge of the industry and its trade association. The intent is to provide sustainability, growth and enthusiasm for member companies and the association.

Entries for 2019 scholarships were due November 30, 2018. If you are interested in being considered for a scholarship in 2020, please submit the form below.


Scholarship funds will not be awarded to applicants who do not provide the following information as we need to ensure the applicant has approval to attend the necessary meetings.