SBCA Digital QC

Component Manufacturing Quality Control Reimagined

SBCA Digital QC Prototype ready for limited distribution and testing in early 2020.

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Why SBCA Digital QC & SBCRI 3rd Party Digital QA

  • Truss joints are being scrutinized more critically in the field
  • CMs desire data to prove manufacturing performance
  • The program provides evaluation of QC/QA accuracy anywhere in the construction process at any time

What & How

  • Digital platform is a quick, accurate & objective method 
  • A small, rugged tablet, photographs & digitally inspects “Critical Joints”
  • Takes 1/10 the time compared to traditional inspection
  • Uses SBCA/SBCRI-unique-algorithms
  • Eliminates manual measurements
  • Limits human subjectivity & error
  • Provides continuous improvement feedback loop

Measure to Manage – Do you immediately  know when:

  • A machine is not pressing plates well; why?
  • Crew #12 is having trouble with tooth roll;  root cause?
  • Certain joints are out of control; why?
  • Crew #1 has three new team members & QC is affected; training?

Root Cause Evaluation then Solution

  • Real-time data
  • QC dashboard control charts & graphs lead to better decisions
  • Create QC benchmarks for quick operation evaluations

Third Party Inspection

  • Continuous improvement confirmation
  • Independent evaluation & management feedback
  • 3rd party benchmark comparisons to in-plant QC
  • Accurate & cost effective TPI 1 compliance
  • QA dashboard control charts & graphs lead to better decisions

Delivery, Installation & Inspection

Evaluate product quality at time of delivery to objectively address jobsite questions
Compare jobsite truss QA to in-plant  QC automatically
Reduce blame & backcharges

Value to SBCA Members & SBCRI 3rd Party QA Customers

  • Synonymous with truss quality for:
    • Truss Buyers
    • Architects
    • Engineers
    • General Contractors
    • Framers
    • Building Officials
  • Data helps show field issue causation
  • Reduces jobsite quality disputes
  • Truss repairs do not have to be free