SBCA Digital QC

Scott Ward, principal officer of Southern Components and chair of SBCA’s Quality Control Committee, sat down with SBCA Executive Director Kirk Grundahl to discuss the industry’s current in-plant quality control processes, along with SBCA’s Digital QC Program and how it is going to revolutionize the component manufacturing industry.​​​​​​

Component Manufacturing Quality Control Reimagined

SBCA Digital QC Prototype ready for limited distribution and testing in early 2020.

Download Digital QC Flyer

Why SBCA Digital QC & SBCRI 3rd Party Digital QA

  • Truss joints are being scrutinized more critically in the field
  • CMs desire data to prove manufacturing performance
  • The program provides evaluation of QC/QA accuracy anywhere in the construction process at any time

What & How

  • Digital platform is a quick, accurate & objective method 
  • A small, rugged tablet, photographs & digitally inspects “Critical Joints”
  • Takes 1/10 the time compared to traditional inspection
  • Uses SBCA/SBCRI-unique-algorithms
  • Eliminates manual measurements
  • Limits human subjectivity & error
  • Provides continuous improvement feedback loop

Measure to Manage – Do you immediately  know when:

  • A machine is not pressing plates well; why?
  • Crew #12 is having trouble with tooth roll;  root cause?
  • Certain joints are out of control; why?
  • Crew #1 has three new team members & QC is affected; training?

Root Cause Evaluation then Solution

  • Real-time data
  • QC dashboard control charts & graphs lead to better decisions
  • Create QC benchmarks for quick operation evaluations

Third Party Inspection

  • Continuous improvement confirmation
  • Independent evaluation & management feedback
  • 3rd party benchmark comparisons to in-plant QC
  • Accurate & cost effective TPI 1 compliance
  • QA dashboard control charts & graphs lead to better decisions

Delivery, Installation & Inspection

Evaluate product quality at time of delivery to objectively address jobsite questions
Compare jobsite truss QA to in-plant  QC automatically
Reduce blame & backcharges

Value to SBCA Members & SBCRI 3rd Party QA Customers

  • Synonymous with truss quality for:
    • Truss Buyers
    • Architects
    • Engineers
    • General Contractors
    • Framers
    • Building Officials
  • Data helps show field issue causation
  • Reduces jobsite quality disputes
  • Truss repairs do not have to be free