Frequently Asked Technical Questions

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In RC 2601, is RC-1 Channel used?

Is there a detailed table for gable studs that gives the maximum length a vertical member can be before a lateral brace is required?

Manufactured gable ends are actually frames even though they are often referred to as trusses. The webs are “studs” oriented vertically and usually spaced at 12, 16 or 24 in. O.C. The gable end frame is designed to transfer vertical loads from the roof to the continuous bearing wall below. Another way gable end frames are different from trusses placed in the interior of the structure is that frames experience perpendicular wind loads. The sheathed frame transfers the wind loads to the roof and ceiling diaphragms and vice versa.

Some building designers believe that gable end webs need to be L-braced to 90% of the web length, which sounds fine. However, they spec that scissors gable end webs need to be braced to 100% of the web length. That means that in the field they are notching the braces to fit around top and bottom chords – you can imagine how difficult that can be. Is that necessary or even the intent of the web L-bracing?

What do you mean by the term “trusses”? Are there different kinds of trusses? What are their uses?

When webs are cut is it alright that sometimes the grade mark is removed? From a liability standpoint, what is the rule with grade marks and web members?

I keep reading about “green” building materials. Is SBCA working on a program for fabricators to get green?

Does SBCA have a state by state map for ground snow loads per the building code?

I am building a new shop that is 30 ft. x 32 ft. I need to free-span the 30 ft. dimension. Where can I get a load chart that recommends lumber size and strategic locations of the angle braces to support the free span? I am going to field erect the trusses and stick build them on the building.

I recall seeing a design recommendation several years ago regarding installation of hanger nails above the neutral axis of the bottom chord of a plated girder truss. The intent was to avoid dumping large loads into the bottom chord, below the neutral axis. Can you tell me where I can find this information?

What are the health hazards of black fungus on Douglas-Fir lumber?

What does KD-HT mean?

I am currently undertaking a project dealing with techniques and methods of joining structural timber members. Do you have any available information on timber connections like split rings and design software?

A condominium project I am involved with is experiencing a sound transfer problem through the floor/ceiling assembly between the first and second floor. You can hear every footstep, from an adult to a child. The floor assembly consists of a carpet and pad, 3/4 in. OSB sub-flooring, 15 in. deep wood trusses at 16 in. on center, 9 in. fiberglass batt insulation and a 5/8 in. gypsum board ceiling. The trusses span 20 ft. with air/heat ducts between the trusses. Will an additional layer of 5/8 in. gypsum board attached to 7/8 in.

Do you have any information on the use of in-floor radiant heat with 4x2 open-web floor trusses? Are there any adverse effects to the lumber as a result of moisture build up?

What is the industry standard for ordering residential roof truss systems: Should the general contractor/builder field measure before ordering trusses or should he rely on the blueprint? Who is responsible for their accuracy – the plan service, the truss manufacturer, the builder/general contractor or the framing contractor?

I am currently putting together a set of truss specifications for a set of structural plans. I am interested to know of the most current publication that may specify industry standards in truss components (i.e. metal connector plates, wood quality and connection quality). Do you have any suggestions?

I am investigating an existing wood truss. The pressed plates used are stamped with “Combo Lock.” Do you happen to have any information on them? From what I have been able to determine, they have not been readily used in the last 10 to 15 years.

Is there any information relating to the cutting of gable studs in the field to place a louver or a window over a gable trussed end wall?

I am researching building products for a new home and I wanted to use metal plate connected floor trusses. When I took my plans to the builder, they cautioned me against using these floor trusses. They stated that they were not engineered products, they do not carry any kind of warranty, and they do not know how long they last over time. My basement span is 30 ft., they said trusses could not span 30 ft. I really would like to use floor trusses, but now I am unsure. Could you offer any information?