Indemnity Basics and Red Flags

Tuesday, December 10 2019 1:00pm (America/Chicago)

Almost every contract a CM is asked to sign, whether prepared by a vendor, lessor, or customer, will contain one or more indemnity provisions.  Kent Pagel, SBCA’s outside national counsel will discuss the basics of indemnity clauses and what they mean and require of component manufacturers (CMs). He will discuss the implications to a CM agreeing to indemnity language as well as various industry standard replies when one-sided indemnity requests are made. Understanding indemnity basics and red flags is crucial to the risk management success and liability avoidance program of every CM.


SBCA Legal Counsel Kent Pagel has been helping CMs manage design responsibility risks and liabilities since 1994. As president of the Houston, Texas law firm of Pagel, Davis & Hill, Kent advises local, regional and national companies involved in residential, commercial and industrial construction, providing counsel on matters of litigation and arbitration; insurance; liability; contracts; and operations.

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