Measuring Weather’s Effect on Structural Members: An Overview of SBCA’s Weathering Test Study

Tuesday, May 21 2019 1:00pm (America/Chicago)

Weather, and how it affects truss and joist performance, has long been a topic of uncertainty for component manufacturers and framers. To better understand weathered truss performance, SBCA undertook a study that placed trusses and joists throughout the U.S. and took almost a year to complete. Now, with the testing and analysis nearing completion, join SBCA staff as we dive into how the test was set up, how testing was performed, and what the major takeaways are. With this new data available, SBCA will make improvements to BCSI and have a better understanding of weathering effects overall.


Evan Protexter has been on staff as a research engineer with SBCA since 2018, primarily focused on testing and research to advance quality control practices within the industry.