Risk Management Essentials: Monitoring Project Specifications & Plan Notes

Tuesday, June 18 2019 1:00pm (America/Chicago)

Are you reviewing and taking exceptions to a project’s specifications and plan notes relating to framing and truss construction? Out of sight out of mind is not the proper response! Why is this so important?  What needs to be done when a set of specifications or plan notes impose responsibilities that go beyond TPI-1?  Are you adequately insured for the design risk that project plan notes and specifications may impose?  SBCA Legal Counsel Kent Pagel will address all of these questions and many more in this valuable risk management webinar.


Kent Pagel has been helping CMs manage design responsibility risks and liabilities since 1994. As president of the Houston, Texas law firm of Pagel, Davis & Hill, Kent advises local, regional and national companies involved in residential, commercial and industrial construction, providing counsel on matters of litigation and arbitration; insurance; liability; contracts; and operations.

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