Why 3rd Party Quality Assurance Is Embracing the Digital Age

Tuesday, April 14 2020 1:00pm (America/Chicago)

Human nature often produces subjective opinions, it's a part of who we are. Digital processing, on the other hand, treats everyone the same and is objective by its very nature.

Why is SBCA and SBCRI investing in converting the in-plant QC inspections and 3rd Party QA process into a digital process? Our industry was built on truss design software being trustworthy and SBCA and SBCRI are building on this digital foundation. Digital processing of QC and QA processes is the logical next step in the advancement of the component manufacturing industry. SBCA’s resources and focus are going toward systematic advancement of SBCA’s digital truss assessment process with control charts to guide QC/QA real time assessments. These new processes will allow CMs to gather significantly more data in a quicker and objective manner for their internal quality controls and to tell a story about their long term commitment to quality and reliability of the products they manufacture. 

In this presentation, Kirk Grundahl and Scott Ward review the many ways in which the digital transformation of 3rd Party QA will benefit CMs and directly address questions that current and future SBCRI 3rd Party QA participants may have about the evolution of this program.


Kirk Grundahl is Executive Director of SBCA.

Scott Ward is principal officer at Southern Components, Inc. in Shreveport, Louisiana. He is a past president of SBCA and serves as the QC Committee Chair.