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Framing the American Dream

FAD houseOver sixty percent of homes built in the U.S. use structural building components, which have revolutionized light-framed construction since their inception in 1952. Why should you use structural building components like roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panels in your next project? Read on to learn why structural components are the future of framing!

Framing the American Dream®, a project sponsored by SBCA (formerly WTCA), individual component manufacturers, supplier companies, and the Building Systems Council of NAHB, featured two 2,600 square-foot homes built simultaneously. One was built using wood component systems framing, and the other fully engineered conventional stick framing.

FAD side by sideIn this demonstration, builders spent 148 hours framing the home with components. In contrast it took 401 hours to construct the conventional home, 67% longer than framing with components. In the same way, 15,100 board feet were used to frame the component home, while 20,400 board feet of lumber were used to frame the conventional home, or 26% more lumber than in the component house. Scrap generated was 4 yards for the component home, and 17 yards for the conventional home.