Annual Surveys

2016 Wage & Benefit Survey for Calendar Year 2015

Wage & Benefit Survey logoThe Wage and Benefit Survey is a biennial survey that collects data on SBCA Component Manufacturer Regular Members' personnel compensation and benefits.

The Wage & Benefit Survey compiles industry information on:

  • Wages
  • Bonuses & Promotion
  • Vacation/Personal/Holiday Pay
  • Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Time Policies

Survey Pricing
Component manufacturer members who participated in the survey will be provided access to the data free of charge. SBCA members who do not participate can purchase the results for $1,600. Survey results are not available to non-members.

SBCA members who did not participate in the 2016 survey but who commit to participating in the 2018 survey can purchase the 2016 results for $200.

Download the 2016 Wage & Benefit Survey Results

Contact SBCA staff with questions.

2015 Financial Performance Survey (FPS) for Calendar Year 2014

Financial Performance Survey logoThe Financial Performance Survey (FPS) provides financial and operating information presented in balance sheet and income statement format, along with key data for use in evaluating your company’s sales and benchmarks.

FPS industry information includes:

  • Income Analysis
  • Regional and Company
  • Size Breakdown
  • Key Ratios for Benchmarking Purposes

Download the 2015 FPS Results

Contact SBCA staff with questions.