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SCORE logoSCORE provides simplified certifications that:

  • Center on programs that matter most to component manufacturers’ customers.
  • Maintain streamlined certification requirements and are quality focused.
  • Provide immediate returns to members.

Find out who is participating in SCORE.

Two SCORE Designations are Available to Participants:
The plant is a member in good standing and has a year to work toward SCORE certification, and has purchased one of the packages OR has purchased the following individually:

  • Access to TTT for all truss designers.
  • Access to SBCA’s online QC program.
  • Jobsite Packages, which are sent with every truss delivery.

The plant is a member in good standing and is compliant with all items below:

  • Continuing Education: Plant fulfills ongoing TTT requirements, which can include SBCA workshops and webinars, BCMC, SBCA online training programs and other SBCA-approved programs that provide value to CMs.
  • Jobsite Package: Plant purchases and sends with every truss delivery.
  • Plant Tour: Plant hosts one plant tour or similar event per year.
  • QC Certification: Plant is SBCA QC certified and continues to submit quarterly data files for SBCA review.
  • Safety Certification: Plant meets safety program requirements, either with SBCA Operation Safety or a program reviewed and approved by SBCA staff.
  • TTT Certification: Average TTT level for CM designers at a location must be 1.5 or higher.

For more information, check out SCORE pricing or contact SBCA staff.

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