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This podcast focuses on everything from production and marketing best practices to risk management and leadership tips.

We are interviewing fellow component manufacturers and industry experts and teasing out valuable nuggets you can use to improve your company.

You can listen to the podcast at your desk, in your car, while eating lunch, even while you’re falling asleep at night.  Whenever you choose to listen, you can absorb this valuable information when it’s convenient for you!  It's Off-site. On-air.

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Lumber Connection

SBCA's Lumber Connection podcast focuses on the latest trends in North American lumber markets. Each week, experts in the lumber industry will provide insight into the latest trends and provide timely commentary on the many factors impacting the supply and demand of the lumber used in structural components. 

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Date: March 11, 2020

Scott Arquilla, former co-owner, vice president, and COO of Best Homes, Inc., shares how his family got started in the homebuilding industry and the unique challenges they faced operating in the Chicago market. Scott discusses why he got involved in SBCA and what prompted him to join the Board of Directors in 1997. While SBCA president in 2003, his truss plant burned to the ground. He reflects on what he would have done differently to both prepare for and recover from the disaster and offers advice to component manufacturers.

Date: February 19, 2020

Jason Ward, vice president of human resources for California TrusFrame LLC, shares best practices for hiring new employees, creating a positive workplace culture, and understanding applicable HR-related regulations. Jason has 19 years of HR experience, and in his current role leading CTF’s overall HR strategy he offers great insight into how to successfully onboard new employees and instill a sense of loyalty. He also provides tips for enhancing your hiring process and explores common pitfalls to avoid.

Date: February 5, 2017

Reggie Stoltzfus, owner and president of Dutchcraft Truss in Minerva, Ohio, shares his experience as a component manufacturer (CM)and member of the Ohio House of Representatives. Reggie discusses why he chose to serve in government and became an advocate for small businesses and CMs across his state, while highlighting the value building relationships with elected officials can bring to your business.

Date: January 22, 2020

Dean DeHoog is the director of manufacturing for Standard Building Systems, a US LBM company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His extensive experience and unique journey informs his powerful perspective on the industry's strengths and current challenges. Dean shares his own approach to management and gives insight into the US LBM culture.

Date: January 8, 2020

Chris Tatge, co-owner of Dynamic Construction in Stoughton, Wisconsin, shares his perspective on how component manufacturers (CMs) can benefit from partnering with their framers and provides insight into how the framing industry is evolving. As executive director of the National Framers Council (NFC), Chris also shares how the NFC has grown and the value it offers to framers both big and small.

Date: December 18, 2019

SBCA President Mike Ruede shares his thoughts on what component manufacturers could do to better promote their businesses and how SBCA’s strategic plan fits in. Mike is the executive vice president and chief operating officer at A-1 Roof Trusses in Fort Pierce, Florida and this is his second term as SBCA president (he previously served as president in 2002). Mike also shares his history in the industry and explains how he believes the industry needs to change in order to grow and prosper.