Finding & Hiring Perspective Candidates

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Developing a reliable pool of prospective candidates takes time and effort, but the CMs who have developed a systematic and ongoing process for outreach and recruitment insist it’s more than worth the investment. In fact, CMs that have developed successful recruiting practices spend as much time on hiring as they do on new hire orientation and training. And getting the initial evaluation right significantly increases the odds of retaining new employees, ensuring your resources are being well spent!

There isn’t any one way for CMs to finding and growing new talent. Some CMs are approaching workforce development in their communities by organizing plant tours and job site visits for students from high schools and technical education institutes, others are taking a start-from-scratch approach to training new recruits, being proactive in their approach to finding candidates or connecting with their alma mater in search of new talent.

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"The value of plant tours is off the charts. It can't be undersold or overestimated. If the industry could get itself involved in schools that are open to bringing career opportunities, it would be absolutely amazing what the industry would see in terms of applicants."   - John Puckett, Instructor, Taller San Jose Hope Builders (read more)

Build Relationships with Schools

By and large, CMs across the country have learned that collaboration with local, regional and state educational organizations is an effective workforce recruitment approach. If you haven’t already, consider designating a point person from your company to reach out to high schools, trade schools and technical colleges and build relationships with instructors and administrators. Another approach is to offer presentations for students to increase general awareness of the industry and specific knowledge of your company and any positions you’re considering hiring for in the near future. Plant tours are also an effective way to expose students to the manufacturing process and spark interest that can quickly translate into internships and seasonal help.

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