Training & Retention

SBCA has worked with several CMs over the years to develop training programs specific to industry. The most prominent training programs include: 

  • Truss Manufacturing Orientation helps new employees with little or no truss industry experience learn the basics of component manufacturing  
  • In Plant Basic Training provides fundamental information and procedures to new production employees.  
  • Truss Technician Training Levels 1, 2, and 3 delivers top-notch training on wood design and engineering fundamentals for truss technicians. 
  • SBCA’s TRUCK program provides drivers with a good foundation and awareness of the unique challenges in delivering this industry’s products.

Investing in continuing education through SBCA Training Programs can be a powerful way to communicate to your existing employees their value to your organization, as well as improve their existing skills.

  • Provide your staff with the opportunity to acquire certifications that will help improve your overall plant operations through the Truck, Forklift and Combustible Dust Housekeeping programs. 
  • Find innovative ways to continuously educate and engage workers of all types. Build the capacity for employees to grow and move within your company. Make education, job sharing, and other opportunities available to help them move up the ladder.
  • Develop succession plans and pass on the know-how to new employees through mentoring.

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