Average Plate Values


I am a structural engineer trying to locate average plate values such that I can recreate truss designs for a roof structure that is over two decades old. The plates are not marked with any type of identification, therefore I need to take a conservative approach in the design and determine worst case scenarios.


Since the metal connector plate was invented in the 1950s, there have been many truss plate manufacturers, many of which are no longer in business. Tracking down archival data can be tough. Primary information on older products was listed in ICBO ES reports. However, these reports are no longer available, but are listed here for reference with the manufacturing company.

 Alpine ER-2949
 Alpine ER-5352 (WAVE plate)
 Cherokee’s SBCCI ER-9765
 Computrus ER-4211
 Eagle Metal ER-4420
 Jager ER-4805 (Canadian)
 MiTek ER-4922
 Robbins ER-4994
 Tee-Lok ER-5243
 TrusWal ER-1607

Current truss plate manufacturer members are listed at the Truss Plate Institute and their plates typically are listed at the ICC-ES under CSI listing: 06 17 53 Shop-Fabricated Wood Trusses.

Cherokee Metal Products ESR-2342
Eagle Metal Products ESR-1082
Alpine, an ITW Company ESR-1118
MiTek Industries, Inc. ESR-1311, ESR-1352, ESR-1397, ESR-1988, ESR3282
Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc ESR2762

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