Determining The Truss Manufacturer


I am trying to determine the manufacturer of some wood trusses installed in the early 1980s in New Jersey. The stamp mark on the connector plates reads, to the best of my ability, TPL-153A (it could be PPL or TPI, but I am unsure). I need to get in contact with this truss manufacturer in order to determine design loads for the truss, as I am remodeling the store under the roof.


The stamp on the metal connector plates can only provide the information to determine the metal plate connector manufacturer. This information doesn’t identify the truss manufacturer, as many different truss manufacturers use the same metal connector plates.

We suggest you look for some type of inspection stamp on the truss itself. This stamp, possibly on one of the chords, would contain the plant number, which in turn would allow you to identify the original manufacturer of the truss.

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