Emerging Leaders Program


To give the next generation of leaders in the structural building components industry an opportunity to meet one another, build lasting relationships, learn from mentors who will share their experiences and gain a greater depth of knowledge of the association and trends shaping the industry’s future.


Identify individuals who are being groomed to assume leadership positions within member companies as well as being potential candidates to assume SBCA leadership positions in the future.

Provide networking opportunities for these individuals to meet their peers from all over the country and begin building lasting relationships.

Facilitate the sharing of industry best practices, and increase their knowledge and understanding of all the tools, programs and documents SBCA has developed to assist component manufacturers.

Expose these individuals to the inner workings of the SBCA Board of Directors, and give them perspective on the short- and long-term trends affecting the direction of the industry.

Provide mentorship opportunities to help individuals learn from experienced leaders in the industry.


The Emerging Leaders Program shall act as a committee of SBCA. Members of the committee shall be nominated by SBCA members, appointed by the SBCA President and approved annually by the Executive Committee. The Emerging Leaders Committee will be responsible for developing and managing association policies that relate to the activities of this program.

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View the following presentation, which provides additional information on the Emerging Leaders Program and upcoming events.