• A series of test concepts have been suggested. SBCA needs your input on these concepts to ensure the industry testing conducted in SBCRI helps improve market opportunities for CMs.
  • The goal of industry testing in SBCRI is to tackle the daily design and framing challenges CMs see, and find solutions that make components even more reliable and cost effective.
  • SBCRI was developed and built specifically for this purpose.

SBCRI Testing & SBCA Research Reports can transform your market.

The first two Standard of Care articles discussed deferred submittals and truss-to-truss connections. This article explores truss minimum required bearing width issues from the perspective of the design community.

  • A lot has changed in the components industry over the past two decades, and a new Framing the American Dream (FAD) project would allow us to quantify just how much, as well as detail our product’s benefits over other framing methods.
  • Beyond FAD, SBCA is also focusing on helping component manufacturers across the country fight an unfair provision in the model building code, R501.3.
  • As you think about investing in the future of your business, think about how much you’re willing to invest this year in these two projects to ensure a bright future for our industry.
Gypsum wallboard provides an excellent example as to
why accurate design values are so vital to structural design.

Introduction: Why the Interior Finish Installation Is Important

Knowledge is power when it comes to making decisions, so the more knowledge the better. SBCRI unequivocally gives us access to knowledge no one else has.
More on why Seismic Design Coefficients (i.e., factors) are important to engineering innovation
  • Even with its many benefits, innovative framing faces resistance. Prescriptive codes don’t directly promote innovative framing, and markets are slow to adopt for many reasons.
  • The earlier in the process CMs can get in front of building designers, the greater their ability to influence the use of innovative framing techniques to design buildable structural framing. 
  • In order to get innovative framing ideas into the market effectively, you need to have your ducks in a row prior to approaching the building designer.
  • It takes a creative approach to using material to meet customer’s needs, while still providing good quality structures. 
  • Once innovative framing methods are learned, and framers experience the ease of installation, and discover how all the parts of the framing fit together well, they quickly become comfortable with the techniques.  
  • Framers must be involved in creating industry standard details, because we are the ones most familiar with actual building construction.
Why Seismic Design Coefficients (i.e., factors) are important to engineering innovation