In-Plant Logistics

A single event can spark a continuous effort to make production more efficient. 

A little up-front effort can have significant downstream effects.

Finding the best, fastest, most efficient process has always been part of the culture for this component manufacturer. 

Lean Six Sigma is a mountainous challenge, but there are some basic ways to prepare for the climb.

Lean Six Sigma is just jargon for common-sense ways to improve your operation.

A look at safe and proper handling and storage

You don’t want a Swiss Army knife when a good sharp blade is all you need, and vice versa. 

From BCMC 2012 Educational Session: “Metrics for Managers”

  • Examine each operational area for changes that could help improve overall economics.
  • Make sure the design department is up to date on price changes of stock lengths of lumber, especially changes due to design value adjustments.
  • Factor customer needs into optimization, along with producing a more efficient truss using less material and plant labor.

If you do a web search for current trends in U.S. urban planning, article after article will discuss similar issues. Urban planners face new challenges as a result of the recent economic downturn, and subsequent sluggish growth. A few examples include: a higher percentage of renters over owners due to foreclosures and defaults; delayed housing purchases by Generation Y; a growing desire for alternative transportation choices and shorter commutes; all coupled with a decreasing availability of urban land.