If you’re looking for ways to improve your in-plant safety program in 2019, many of these are great places to start.

Innovation is a word that is currently criticized in the business world for being over utilized. However, I would argue its actual application is being seriously underutilized in our own industry.

Keeping your employees’ hands safe could be as simple as adding a quick toolbox talk at the beginning of your next shift.

Using IT to boost production efficiency.

A different approach to training new hires.

Prioritizing safety is a continual process and everyone needs to be involved. Its success is dependent on motivating people. I like to think about safety like a good marketing campaign.

When you first bring a new hire into your plant, there‘s a lot going on that can easily distract someone unfamiliar with component manufacturing. It can be a challenge to keep a new person focused. That said, it’s critical they pay close attention to all of the potential safety hazards, from handling sharp-edged connector plates to learning how to properly swing a hammer.