Since I’ve become involved in SBCA, I have found one of the most valuable aspects to be all of the opportunities to learn from fellow component manufacturers and suppliers.

Investment in simple PPE can save a lot

Everyone learns a little differently, so mix up your training. 

Testing is underway to determine the effects of weather exposure and time on trusses.

Most of the conversations I’ve had with component manufacturers (CMs) about increasing production efficiency inevitably focus on one thing: bottlenecks.

Imagine purchasing a new piece of equipment and then finding out once it’s installed you can’t make it work the way it was intended because it doesn’t understand what your software is telling it.

Lay-On Gables are an opportunity for component manufacturers.

Do you know how much coverage you have or what to do if a collision occurs?

A high-quality component is the result of many individuals’ expertise – including the person standing at the saw.