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KA Components’ internship program is a path to a good salary & a place in a unique industry

Since I started in this industry a year ago, I have realized there are three major issues that the construction industry is facing: lack of skilled labor, lack of time, and lack of money. Fortunately, components manufacturers (CMs) provide a solution to all three. 

Being inducted into the Trussway Hall of Fame is a big deal. Founded in 1972, Trussway has six manufacturing locations spread across the U.S. and services single-family, multi-family, and light-commercial construction segments.

Division Manager  •  G2 National  •  Sparks, Nevada

Zach with his siblings and his sisters’ dog, Tonks.

Zach (left) with his siblings and his sisters’ dog, Tonks.

Jeff Smith, Trussway’s CEO and president, shares that “it’s crucial to keep your website updated as the ways people want to see things online has changed and current trends and styles of websites have as well.”

“Inviting elected officials into our manufacturing plants and building relationships with them can make a world of difference for individual manufacturers and the industry,” says Larry Dix, owner of Apex Truss in Warsaw, Virginia.

Charlie was one of the original “four pillars” of Alpine and served as a mentor to many throughout the industry in his almost 50 years in the business.

A career in component manufacturing offers a “combination of tech and building something with your hands,” says Steve Szymanski of Drexel Truss Systems in Little Chute, Wisconsin.

An informal internship program can be a perfect way to start